Seal your love for a lifetime

How the perfect wedding ring is crafted

At Claudia Jewellers, our designers and gemologists are experts in getting it right. They will guide you through the engagement ring designing process to make sure the end product will take her breath away.

Discuss your ideas

We’ll guide you through the process to establish the perfect ring for you.

See it come to life

Your designer will create detailed design sketches as well as 3D models, if you wish.

Cherish it forever

Enjoy your bespoke symbol of love, created just for you and backed by the Claudia Promise.


Claudia Jewellers specialise in designing and creating wedding rings. We will help you create the perfect ring to seal the deal when you say ‘I do’.


Types of Wedding Rings

A wedding ring can have many different meanings from one person to the next. Two common styles of rings we enjoy helping our clients with are simple gold wedding bands and eternity rings.

The eternity ring is one of our favourite compliments to the engagement and wedding set. 

Be it a white or yellow gold band set with diamonds, or a ring completely of your inspiration, these make a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection.

Men’s wedding rings can be as understated or as full of flair as you desire. Our team have experience in designing rings of alternative metals such as palladium and titanium, which are highly durable, affordable alternatives to other traditional hard wearing metals such as platinum.


Happily Ever After: Maddie and Alex
engagement rings Featured Couples

Happily Ever After: Maddie and Alex

One of our favourite parts of designing custom engagement rings and bridal jewellery is having the opportunity to meet wonderful people, learn their story, and...

Happily Ever After: Gabby and Josh
engagement rings Featured Couples

Happily Ever After: Gabby and Josh

Creating bridal jewellery is such a personal experience. It requires building a connection with each couple, learning their story, so we can infuse the essence...

Happily Ever After: Claire and Aidan
engagement rings Featured Couples

Happily Ever After: Claire and Aidan

At Claudia Jewellers, our favourite part of designing and creating bespoke engagement rings is having the opportunity to build relationships with our wonderful customers and walk the...

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you start thinking about your wedding rings three to four months before your wedding day. 

If you’re buying a ready-made wedding ring it’s wise to allow enough time to have it resized or engraved if you wish. If you’re having your wedding rings custom designed, you’ll need to allow up to four weeks for us to perfect the design and have it made. 

When having your wedding rings custom made, there are a number of options you can choose.

For men’s wedding rings, we often work with hardy metals such as palladium, platinum and titanium. For women’s wedding rings, we suggest using the same metal as your engagement ring, to avoid scratches occurring when the metals rub together over time.

Your rings can be as simple or as embellished as you like. We’ll guide you through the design process to ensure your wedding ring matches your engagement ring perfectly.

We work with many couples to custom design and create a wedding ring that is made to suit your budget, whatever that may be.

We also stock a range of very affordable Peter W Beck wedding rings, should you choose to focus your resources on your engagement ring.


To get started, get in touch to book a free design consultation, available online or in our Hobart studio