Jewellery Repairs

The care you (and your jewellery) deserve

Maintaining and repairing your jewellery is all part of the Claudia Jewellers service. We encourage you to pop into our store to have your jewellery cleaned free of charge while you browse the latest collections, or chat to one of our staff about any of your jewellery requirements.

We like to make sure that your jewellery is cared for in the best possible way. This means small repairs can be done on site, and for more specialist job repairs we aim to match the job to the jeweller.

Just like new

As part of our customer care, you’re welcome to free jewellery inspections and complimentary cleaning.

And, if you purchased or created your piece with Claudia Jewellers, enjoy your first re-sizing or re-plating at no additional cost.


Chain repairs

Fitting new clasps

Gem replacement

Re-tipping and claw repairs

Soldering, welding

Polishing and cleaning

Rhodium plating

Re-sizing and adjustment

Setting correction

Scratch removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We find so much joy in working with a customer’s treasure box of bits and pieces.

Our designers can work wonders with old jewellery. Together, in a step by step process, we can create hand drawings to help you decide on your final design.

You can combine several pieces of jewellery to create one amazing piece or you can design several pieces. We can supply you with any additional gemstones you might need or you can just use what you have.

We offer a free cleaning service on your Claudia jewellery items. Anytime you come past, please drop in so we can clean and check your jewellery and keep it sparkling and in mint condition.

If you do have jewellery that needs repairing, we offer a full workshop assessment and quote. All work is carried out in our workshop by our talented, and caring qualified jeweller.

As an average, rhodium plating lasts between 6 and 12 months before showing signs of wearing away (signified by slight grey shading). The anniversary of your engagement, wedding or birthday is a great time to get your white gold pieces checked and rhodium plated to keep them looking in optimum condition. We offer the first rhodium plating free on any white gold item purchased from us.

A professional valuation is an important safeguard if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged. It can provide proof of ownership in the happy event that the jewellery is recovered. Insurance companies are unlikely to provide full compensation for an expensive piece of jewellery unless you can prove its true value.

A valuation can also give you a comprehensive description of the item, which is invaluable if you decide to have the item remade. All our custom made pieces come with a valuation and we also offer this as a service for existing jewellery purchased elsewhere.

where to now?

If you have any jewellery requiring repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.