Happily Ever After: Maddie and Alex

Happily Ever After: Maddie and Alex

One of our favourite parts of designing custom engagement rings and bridal jewellery is having the opportunity to meet wonderful people, learn their story, and help create a meaningful token to symbolise this pivotal point in their lives. If you’ve dreamt of having a custom engagement ring made, get in touch to organise a design consultation.

Recently, we reconnected with our lovely clients, Maddie and Alex, who have officially tied the knot and are living out their ‘happily ever after’. 

Maddie’s engagement ring was an unconventional and striking trilogy, featuring an emerald cut black diamond and two colourless diamonds, all set in rose gold. She later elevated the ensemble with a matching black diamond wedding band and eternity band (to commemorate the birth of their daughter). 

Introducing Maddie and Alex...

How did you meet? 

We met at one of Hobart's finest establishments, The Observatory. I (Maddie) was out on a girls night and Alex was out celebrating his sister's birthday. It was love at first dance.  

Tell us a little bit about your proposal?

We were on holidays in Noosa when we decided to go for an afternoon walk. After grabbing an ice-cream, we walked along the beach soaking up the beautiful sun and chatting away. I spilled my ice-cream on my white t-shirt, so I was annoyed and slightly distracted.

After walking past a wedding we sat down on a park bench overlooking the beach before Alex asked me to close my eyes. When I was told to open them, Alex was on one knee holding my future bling. It was the easiest decision I ever made.

We celebrated with Verve before heading back to our apartment to share the news with our family and friends. 

What was the inspiration behind your engagement ring? Did you always know what style of ring you wanted? 

I spent a few years working at Claudia Jewellers, so I had a fair idea of my dream engagement ring. I loved the emerald cut shape, the unique style of a black diamond and a timeless rose gold band.

Alex had captured these finer details through conversations and comments I'd made over the years, and with the help of Scott, they designed my beautiful ring. It was more than I could ever have expected and the most beautiful surprise. I admire it every day. 

Alex, what was your favourite part of the engagement ring designing process? 

Being involved in the design stage was a pleasure. It allowed me to take some of the praise for the end product. Scott was brilliant! Patient, discrete and honest. 

What advice would you give to anyone planning their wedding? 

Borrow Alex's wedding spreadsheet and ensure both individuals getting married are involved in the planning stages.

It's vital both sides take an active interest and enjoy the excitement of the day. Discussing your vision for the day with your family can also iron out any kinks and ensure everyone has a cracking day!

What’s your secret to a happy marriage?

Communication: Verbal and Physical.      

Photo credit: Acoma Photography

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