Halo Engagement Ring Design

Halo Engagement Ring Design

On a sunny day, when you turn your face toward the sky have you ever taken a squinty-eyed peek at the great orb in the sky and noticed the circle of light emanating around it? That magical light is known as a halo.  

What is a 'halo' in jewellery?

It seems fitting that the world of fine jewellery adopted the same name, halo ring, to describe a setting that encircles a large centre gemstone with smaller, brightly cut gemstones.

Over the years there have been many variations of this style of ring. Dating back to the 1700s, jewellers used round diamonds as the centre stone and only slightly smaller diamonds or pearls as the halo.

The halo ring increased in popularity during the Victorian era when the tradition of engagement rings was established, and they have stayed with us ever since.

However, it is the Art Deco era of the 1920s that the classic halo diamond ring rose to prominence. This art movement is known for its emphasis on symmetry and pattern and a good halo ring plays on these aspects, thus creating a ring of divine proportions. 

Balancing out the centre stone with the smaller stones to enhance and frame the centre stone is key.

What makes a quality halo engagement ring?

A good halo ring design can not only help make the centre stone appear larger but by switching up the centre stone from diamond to a coloured sapphire for example or changing the centre stone shape can give the overall design a unique appeal. This is what can make designing with the halo ring concept so interesting and individual.  

At Claudia Jewellers, we design around so many variations of the classic halo. The most popular are still using white diamonds as the centre stone as well as in the halo.

With the increasing popularity of coloured diamonds and Sapphires, the possibility of magical combinations to create is endless. Explore some of our favourite halo engagement rings in our gallery

Contact us to design your ideal halo engagement ring with one of our expert designers.

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