Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement rings are a timeless symbol of love and an expression of your unique, everlasting bond. In recent seasons, couples have been embracing unique engagement ring designs to express their own style and relationship. It’s no longer one size fits all, that’s why it is so valuable to sit down with a jewellery designer and chat about how they can realise your engagement ring vision. If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect expression of your love, look no further. We have compiled some of the most popular engagement ring trends below.

Trilogy Rings

Trilogy rings have garnered a lot of attention since the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This understated and elegant style is suited to romantics, with the three stones being said to represent the couple’s past, present and future. [caption id="attachment_2931" align="alignnone" width="733"] 18ct white gold ring with Asscher cut diamond and two cadi-step diamonds[/caption]  

Pear Shaped Stones

It’s clear to see why these beauties have been on trend recently.  Pear shaped diamonds offer the opportunity for a lot of customisation and differentiation. They look stunning with a halo of smaller diamonds, or with a diamond lined band.  If sleek and simple is more your style, they are also suited to being a solitaire feature, as they create a slimming, elegant effect. 


Diamond Alternatives

The rarity of diamonds gives them the perfect symbolism in an engagement ring, however many couples are choosing to individualise their design with non-traditional stones. To name a few, Killiecrankie diamonds, tourmaline, Argyle Cognac diamond and sapphires have become popular choices.  Using a diamond alternative as the centrepiece on a more traditional or vintage style can be an effective way of elevating the design with a modern twist. 


Halo diamond rings are highly sought after and there’s no secret as to why.  They offer eye-catching brilliance and a timeless vintage feel.  They are also vastly customisable in terms of the size and colour. 


Rose Gold Band

Rose gold has become a go-to choice of setting for many jewellery lovers over recent years. It is beloved for its warm, feminine and romantic hue, not to mention the way it compliments alternative stones such as tourmaline.


With almost endless possibilities available when it comes to engagement rings it can be overwhelming to make a decision. At Claudia Jewellers, it is our pleasure to help make the ring buying process seamless and enjoyable through our expert craftsmanship skills.  If you are beginning your engagement journey, contact us here.
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