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Scott Loring

As a young boy, Scott, founder of Claudia Jewellers, spent some time wandering and fossicking along the beaches of Cape Barren Island. It was here that he found pieces of amethyst and his fascination with gemstones began.

Following the path that only those who want to lead interesting lives will choose, Scott attained a trade in welding, a degree in design and education, and followed on with gemmology and diamond grading. He is also a qualified valuer.

Scott now passionately resides in the business of creating beautiful jewellery. With a strong knowledge of diamonds and coloured stones, he is the grand poo-bah of the team with a down to earth approach.

Freya Liddell

Freya, founder of Claudia Jewellers, has a penchant for all things luxury, combined with a passion to deliver high-end fine jewellery to the beautiful people of Hobart.

She is passionate about creating a premium shopping experience where everyone who enters the store will be made to feel special.

With her head constantly full of ideas, Freya is the business master-mind, who keeps the team ticking along.


Kate Curtis

No one appreciates the sentimental significance of jewellery more than Kate.

Throughout her career, she has surrounded herself with precious objects from the past, and works with meticulous care and detail to preserve your valuable jewellery.

As a gemologist, she is able to help discover the hidden stories in your jewellery and can assist you in selecting special treasures for your loved ones.

Fiona Hart

Fiona lives and breathes jewellery and jewellery design. We are convinced that this girl might have a little bit of sparkle running through her veins as her family lived and worked in the mining district of NSW. But if you think she grew up getting her hands dirty down a mine shaft, think again.

Fiona resided in Sydney for most of her life where she designed and created jewellery for sophisticated Sydney circles. Her time at Cerrone Jewellers, Hardy Bros amounted to 24 years making her one of the most experienced designers in the trade.

If you want to have something truly special commissioned then this lady is the best of the best.

Steve Morrison

Our gentle jeweller Steve…What a privilege it is to have such an artisan of skill and experience working with us at Claudia Jewellers.

We were lucky enough to have coaxed our talented Kiwi across the Tasman and into the heart of the Claudia Jewellers workshop. In doing so he has also managed to find a place into our hearts as we watch with awe his mastery at the workbench and listen to his vast knowledge about the construction and creation of jewellery.

Most of all, he cares for each article that comes across his workbench. Steve is happiest when hand-making jewellery and welcomes you to come upstairs and see how your special creation is progressing.

If you’re lucky, you might find yourself sampling one of his other amazing creations – sweet pastries! Life is sweet indeed at Claudia Jewellers.

Annemarie Westerberg

Our flame-haired beautiful lady arrived on our doorstep early in 2019 from her homeland of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

Her skill at the bench was honed many years ago in South Africa and is continuing to develop under the watchful eye of our Master Jeweller, Steve. 

Every job that passes Annemarie’s  work bench is treated with care, respect and love… the Claudia Jewellers way.

Our Wonderful Jewellers

It’s about the art and the creativity – the way a special feeling, memory, or reminder can be turned into something physical to keep close.

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