Killiecrankie Diamonds… Why They Are So Special

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The wild and untamed beauty of Flinders Island, the largest island in the Furneaux Group off Tasmania’s coast, is home to the famous Killiecrankie Diamond. Killiecrankie Diamonds are actually topaz and can be found washed up on the wind-swept shores of Killiecrankie Bay.

Killiecrankie Diamonds... Why They Are So Special - Killiecrankie Diamonds Claudia Jewellers
Killiecrankie Bay… the home of the elusive Killiecrankie Diamond.

The ‘diamonds’ can come in hues of blue through to pinky-gold as well as crystal clear (our favourite for our Furneaux Collection pieces). Legend says that the Killiecrankie Diamond has the power to protect the wearer from illness and unfortunate accidents…

More than 23 years ago Scott and Freya, founders of Claudia Jewellers, met and fell in love one summer night under a full moon at the inaugural Emita Dance on Flinders Island. For this reason, to this day Flinders Island still holds its magical spell over the founders of Claudia Jewellers.

These elusive water-worn pebbles of the Tasmanian topaz are the inspiration for the Furneaux Collection. Handcrafted in Tasmania, the collection of rings, pendants and earrings uses brushed gold to reflect the golden sands of Killiecrankie Bay and simple elegant designs to highlight the qualities of the stone.

Killiecrankie Diamonds... Why They Are So Special - Unique design claudia jewellers
A sparkling Tasmanian Topaz – also known as the Killiecrankie Diamond.

Alongside the Furneaux Collection is our ever-changing range of unique pieces which feature Killiecrankie Diamonds of interesting sizes and shapes. Each piece seems to find its rightful owner quickly so it is worth dropping in to see what has been created. We also have unset Killiecrankie Diamonds so that you can choose your own special stone and work with our designers to create something truly original for you.

Killiecrankie Diamonds... Why They Are So Special - Unique designs claudia jewellers

As you have read, Flinders Island and the Killercrankie Diamond holds a unique place in our heart. So if you happen to be strolling along the shores of Killiecrankie Bay and discover a ‘diamond’ we would love to see it and hear your Flinders Island story – just tag @claudiajewellers or @tasmaniabyclaudia in your social media posts.

Explore the Killiecrankie Diamond-bearing Furneaux Collection by Claudia Jewellers at Tasmania By Claudia today.

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