At Claudia Jewellers, our passion lies in creating unique engagement rings, tailored to a couple’s individual tastes. Using a pear cut gemstone can be the ideal place for this journey to start. Pear cut gemstones have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer contemporary intrigue when used as a solitaire or more elaborate style.

One variation which has taken romantics by storm is this pear cut halo ring, set with an Australian sapphire. The centre pear cut Australian sapphire is a unique and modern alternative to a traditional diamond setting. It brings a depth of colour to the ring, especially when illuminated by a halo of small diamonds, and looks striking against any skin tone.

Although this ring has become somewhat of a signature style, each piece created at Claudia jewellers is designed to the specifications of the customer in a private consultation with one of our designers and handcrafted in our workshop. No two rings are the same. Each couple has the freedom to express their own creativity while designing their ring, for example, by opting for a larger sapphire setting or using 18ct rose gold rather than white gold.

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Unique Pear Cut Engagement Rings - Pear cut engagement

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