The Nothofagus Collection

Since launching our Nothofagus Collection, we have been bewitched by the idea of extending the collection to include a variety of exquisite pieces for all occasions.

Today we have the pleasure of introducing our Nothofagus Stud Earrings, Drop Earrings and Mini Pendant. Like the original pendant, these are available in 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, paying homage to the delicate beauty of the Turning of the Fagus.

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The Mini Pendant is a petite incarnation of our original Nothofagus Pendant and has been designed to make for a beautiful accessory on its own, or worn with other pendants. The Drop and Stud Earrings are delicately crafted to complement any attire and transition easily from a day in the office, to a weekend bushwalking, or a relaxed day at home.

This collection holds a special place in our hearts, as the story of the Nothofagus Gunnii is iconic and quintessentially Tasmanian.

Our greatest hope that this collection will draw its wearer closer to the majesty of Tasmania’s natural environment and inspires them to further strive for its conservation.

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