The Beauty of the Australian Sapphire

Australian Sapphire & Diamond Ring by Claudia Jewellers

We think there is something particularly breathtaking about the Australian Sapphire. Its vast hues of yellow, blues and greens make it a mesmerising gemstone to work with, each one being visually so unique.  

There is something very special about being able to select your own Australian Sapphire to be treasured and worn, and know that when you hold it up to the light and observe its changing shades and tones it belongs to you, it becomes part of your story. Read more about one gorgeous couple did just this… 

History of the Australian Sapphire

The Australian gold rush of the 1950’s unearthed not only gold but Sapphires. Found in New South Wales and Queensland the Sapphire comes in an array of dazzling colours due to trace elements such as iron and titanium.  

Why Australian Sapphires are So Unique

You may hear the term “parti-sapphire” used occasionally and this simply means that ‘partitions’ of colour can be found throughout some Sapphires.

The bands of blue, green and yellow are sometimes reminiscent of ocean waves washing up against coastal dunes covered in sandy tussocks. Other times, staring into the sapphire’s horizon might conjure images of the mountain range of Kunanyi sitting with the setting sun on her shoulder. Perhaps it is the possibility of connections that makes the Australian Sapphire such an ideal gemstone to mark a treasured moment in time. 

Australian Sapphires are an excellent choice as an alternative to a diamond for an engagement ring or dress ring. They are second in hardness only to a diamond and because their price point is generally less than a diamond it opens more scope for size and design.  

Holding the integrity of the stone as central is one of our strongest design beliefs at Claudia Jewellers. Alongside, the relationship between the custodian of the Sapphire, the designer and the bench jeweller is what we work towards so that legacy is created from these precious gifts of the earth. 

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