Manufacturing new jewellery 

We have a manufacturing guarantee of 1 year from the date of purchase – this covers materials and  workmanship under normal wearing conditions. 

Repairs and remodelling 

As part of our Claudia Jewellers policy we undertake a full assessment of jewellery once it arrives in  our workshop. We will inform you of any work recommended by our jewellers to ensure that your  jewellery is kept in optimum condition. Where possible we will provide options for repair. 

We cannot guarantee jewellery repair work received under the following conditions: 

In order for Claudia Jewellers to carry out the work requested, the Customer hereby states and  agrees:  

Claudia Jewellers is not required to identify or certify the nature, quality or value of the item  of jewellery submitted by Customer or any gem(s) contained in said item 

Customer understands that gems may have been subjected to an enhancement process or  treatment which is not detectable to the naked eye or without special testing equipment.  This enhancement process or treatment can make a gem unstable, especially if subjected to  heat. An unstable gem may crack, chip or break. 

Other than as provided by law, including under the statutory warranty provisions of the  Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Claudia Jewellers is not liable for:

a) Any damage to the gem(s) if that damage occurs as a result of the gem(s)’s instability  caused by enhancement process or treatment, or
b) Any damage to the item of jewellery unless Claudia Jewellers is proven negligent 

If you choose to proceed with any work with Claudia Jewellers you agree to and understand our  terms and conditions.

Please contact us if you have any questions.