Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Claudia Jewellers, located in Hobart, Tasmania specialise in creating sapphire engagement rings, and engagement rings in general.

We love the way sapphires have introduced such a wide range of dazzling colour into the world of engagement rings. Sapphires have become a popular alternative to diamonds because they allow for greater expression in a ring design.

For many women, the colour of a sapphire can have significant meaning in their lives that they wish to represent in their engagement ring. For others, it simply means adding another dimension to the ring design.

Sapphire engagement rings make a perfect choice as an engagement ring not only because of what they represent (love, truth and commitment!), but their affordability and the wide range of colours available. The variety is endless.

Sapphire engagement ring inspiration

To assist you with some inspiration designing a sapphire engagement ring, possible options you may have in mind, could include; but are not limited to;

  • Use sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds set into rings.
Where to now?

Sapphire engagement rings are elegant and unique. Please feel free to browse some of our alternative engagement ring options like; The Claudia DIFgold engagement ringswhite gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings.

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