Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Lately, we’ve noticed one particular engagement ring style that is growing in popularity, the oval cut engagement ring.

An oval cut diamond engagement ring is an elegant take on the round brilliant cut diamond. A popular design at the moment is an oval diamond claw set on a fine, diamond set band. Not only does the oval cut look stunning, they are typically more affordable than a round brilliant diamond of the same size. The round brilliant cut diamond asks a premium price, not just because of its own popularity but also the amount of waste involved in the cutting of the stone.


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This style cut reflects timelessness and quality with a hint of glamour. Set in white, yellow or rose gold, the oval cut suits both a simple setting or something with more detail. The elongated shape of the oval cut looks fabulous when set lengthways along the finger, thus creating the illusion of longer fingers and perfectly complimenting your hand.

Oval cut diamonds can vary in shape and colour which means there is one out there to suit everyone and every budget.

Selecting the right shape can be difficult so our expert jewellers have shared a few tips for choosing the best one for you.

The Bow Tie Effect

The bow tie effect is when a shadow is created across the narrowest part of the stone in the shape of a bow tie. This particular aspect of the oval diamond cut is one quality that is important to consider when choosing your diamond.


Think about the design you will incorporate your oval cut diamond into, this could make a difference to the overall size and shape of your diamond.

Wedding Band

Consider what wedding band, if any, you will wear alongside your engagement ring.


Finally, consult with an expert at Claudia Jewellers. Our consultants are passionate about helping you design the perfect engagement ring, one that will become a symbol of your love and an heirloom to be treasured.


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So, if you are after a large stone and want something a little more adventurous than the round brilliant cut diamond, take a closer look at what some of the leading stylish ladies are wearing and you will most likely see an elegant and tasteful oval cut diamond or coloured stone ring.

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