Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen: Atelier New Collection

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At Claudia Jewellers we are always excited to see the new collections from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and this year’s Atelier Collection is sublime.  One of the reasons that we are so attracted to the brand is the way it invites females to embrace their own sense of style and their femininity. It empowers women to respond to their own aesthetic.

‘Within a room of my own, my muse is a softly whispering goddess. Allowing me to define my self-expression and female identity…’ Atelier – A Room of One’s Own 2017.

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As Tasmanians living in the gentle city of Hobart we are cocooned by nature. Pockets of water, mountain ranges and clear skies are all within easy sight and we are constantly reassured by the calming presence of Mother Earth. Charlotte Lynggaard’s elegant designs draw on the beauty of nature and its harmonious colours making this fine jewellery collection so easy to wear.  We wear Ole Lynggaard jewellery almost every day and with a subtle addition of a gold leaf, or an acorn pendant in brushed silver and ebony we can transform not only our outfits but also the way we feel.


This season we are all in love with the addition of blush moonstone in the Atelier Collection. The peachiness of the blush moonstone pairs beautifully with dark grey moonstone, pearls and diamonds.  It compliments any of the beautiful golden leaves as a pendant combination and then there are the earrings… but perhaps it’s best to come in and see for yourself!

To find out more about the new Ole Lynggard Atelier Collection contact us directly, or see our Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen webpage.

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